• Why is CC-Parts able to give such a large discount?

We buy our spare parts by direct import and sell them online directly to you without any middleman. This way we can pass on the cost savings to you. Furthermore we don’t store spare parts, so we don’t have to add any storing costs onto our products.


• How should a inquiry look like?

Please only send us complete and correct inquirys and note our minimum order value of 400 Euro (EU) or 1000 Euro (non-EU). Please only ask for a offer for the parts and amound you really need. Only that way we can guarantee best prices and fast response time. We calculate every inquiry individual for you and calculate the shipping- and handlings-costs depending on your inquiry.

• What is the minimum order value?

Your inquiry should reach a minimumvalue of 400 Euro (EU) or 1000 Euro (non-EU). Please only ask for a offer for the parts and amound you really need.

• How can i change a inquiry?

If you have any changes concerning a sent inquiry please send us a completly new inquiry. We always calculate a complete complete price for your inquiry depending on the parts, weight and shipment. Because of this prices may also differ depending on the value of parts you request.

• How can i find out the correct partnumber?

You can find your partnumber on the original package or on the part. Otherwise you can find your partnumber online (e.g. on http://toyota.epc-data.com (-> externer Link). Please note that we can only handle your inquiry if you send us a complete inquiry with correct partnumbers.

• Why is there no price list on the website showing me how much my spare parts cost?

The prices depend on the country they are produced in and the currency rates at the moment you order. That’s why we calculate the price of the spare parts always at the moment when youre request is send to us. Even if you have bought the same spare part from us before it can be possible that the changing currency rates affect the price of the item.

• How much are the shipping and packingcosts?

The costs for shipping spare parts differ by its size and weight. As some spare parts can be very heavy and need special shipping, we always choose the most cheap option for sending the parts to you. As soon as you send a request to us we can calculate individually the type of shipping needed exactly for the parts you requested and inform you about the costs.

• How long is an offer valid?

We always send you an update price for the requested parts. Because of the changing currency-rates the prices change every day. Because of that our offers are only valid for 3 days! If you have any changes concerning your offer please send us a complete new inqiuiry and we will calculate again a new price for your parts on the uptodate prices.

• How long does the shipping of spare parts take?

As we have limited space for storing parts to reduce the costs for you we only import spare parts on your request. The time for shipping depends on the Manufacturer and the availability of parts. As soon as you send us a inquiry we can tell you the date for the shipping of your spare parts. If there is any important deadline to which you need the spare parts please mention it in the request. We will inform you if we are able to deliver the spare parts to you on time.

• How can i pay?

You will receive an offer from our side and after that you can pay by banktransfer.